A. Courier charges for online paid and net banking customers – Rps. 100/- B. Cash on Delivery charges (applicable only in India) Rps. 150/- CASH ON DELIVERY  (COD) TERMS AND CONDITIONS Cash on delivery service is for the convenience of customers to pay at home with out using online payment process which is not acceptable mode of payment for everyone. Irrespective of incurring huge expenses in COD, still we offer the service at nominal costs to customers. But with our experience we observe that customers are misusing this service on various counts.  Hence we have framed few terms for COD to be followed.
  1. Any customer can avail Cash on delivery service in India.
  2. COD service is limited to select pin codes of India only.
  3. Cash on delivery will have mandatory courier charge of Rps. 100 to 150 varying from case to case.
  4. Each order placed through Cash on Delivery will go through a mandatory fraud verification process, i.e. our representative will call u for re-confirmation of the order placed. Once the order is reconfirmed, we will be dispatching the courier.
  5. Dispatched orders are not supposed to rejected by customers for what so ever reasons.
  6. If customer has any emergency travel, kindly pass on the product collection task to their family or friends at home or office.
  7. If customer feels that the order value is different or the order received late, in that case they can call to our office and get it verified instantly when the delivery guys are at home or office.
  8. If customer has an urgency for delivery,  kindly leave the same info in ‘comments’ column while placing orders or msg us on whatsap. Pls follow our courier delivery time for better understanding. `
  9. If customer changes mind and feels to cancel any order placed, immediately call us to 09581193795 or mail to swarnakshi.j@gmail.com and intimate the same with Order number mentioned. If order item has already dispatched before we receive a call or mail, in that case customer should accept the order and resend it back to us and avail a full refund (Refund in this case only)
  10. If customers fail to follow our terms and still reject the order, they are entitled to get blacklisted for COD services online in future.
D. International shipments will be charged accordingly as per location and weight.